5W 365nm NICHIA LED UV flashlight USB-C charge

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The 5W 365nm NICHIA LED UV flashlight USB-C charge can be used for inspecting UV inks and UV Dull Paper in security documents, like passports, ID documents, breeder documents, banknotes and stamps. The 5W 365nm NICHIA LED UV flashlight USB-C charge can be easily charged by the USB port. The lights density of this 5W 365nm UV flashlight USB-Ccharge is better than all other UV flashlights models we have in our catalogue.

The 5W 365nm NICHIA LED UV flashlight USB-C charge can also be used for:

– check leaks in the circulation systems in air conditioners and automobiles
– mark and blood inspection, examination of crime scene.
– treasure and minerals searching, Antique appraisal
– ink curing and glue curing.
– counterfeit and banknotes distinguishing
– special gas leaks inspection
– fluorescent reflection of special materials
– check reflection materials in textiles

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Production Manager Passport vendor, Hungary:

Wij use the 5W 365nm NICHIA LED UV flashlight USB charge during quality checks in our production line. The flashlights are in use at least 3 hours per day, 5 days in a row, for the past two years, without any major troubleshooters. The light source and beam are amazing !

Additional information

Ultraviolet light





LED: Original Japan Nichia UV LED chip with an estimated lifetime over 30,000 hours
UV Intensity: 30000μW/cm2(at 38cm and 72000μW/cm2(at 15cm)
With black filter: Yes UV special black lens
USB C connection


Full operational kit in protective box which includes protective pouch, protective bag, USB cable for charging, lanyard, O-ring, silicone cap and goggles.

Power supply

1 piece of rechargeable 18650 battery (1 included)
Battery will last at least for 3 hours by continuously operational usage


16.4cm(length) x 4cm (body diameter) x 4cm(head diameter)




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