Eurochecker ECB tested

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This professionel Currency Detector or Eurochecker is ECB (European Central Bank) tested! Also compatible with all new euro banknotes. It can be used to check all Euro denominations and can also be used for total value and denomination counting.

We can also offer the checker for other currency like GBP, USD or any other!


In this movie both genuine and counterfeit Euro banknotes are presented to the Eurochecker. The counterfeit notes are not accepted by the device. All used counterfeits were of excellent quality and hard or maybe even impossible to detect by inexperienced auditors.

Additional information


UV and IR light


2D size detection
Ultraviolet detection
Magnetic ink detection
Security treat detection
Infrared accurate detection
Audible alarm
Large LCD display with blue backlight
Power saving after 30 seconds
Compact space desing
Total value counting and denomination/currency/amount counting
Detection speed < 0.5 seconds per banknote


Black and silver combination design

Power supply

Rechargeble Lithium battery and 220V EU plug
Power consumption 5W


13.8 x 12.5 x7.5cm




89.95 euro including VAT