Video Phone Inspector

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The Video Phone Inspector is a new generation of micro mouse detectors, which can be connected via WiFi to any device using iOS or Android operating system. Via our free application you can control the inspector easily. You are able to display inspected ID documents or currency on the screen of your device, such as a phone or a tablet. As well, you can capture images and save them on your device.

Download instructions

Video Phone Inspector manual


The software will be available for you after purchasing your Video Phone Inspector.


Operational ID document examinator, Police agency, Middle east:
I use the Video Phone Inspector for two months now. It is so easy to connect with my phone, and it offers me so many different light sources, which makes iy so easy to authenticate an ID document easily. Also it allows me to quickly make some pictures for reference, or to send over to our forensic department, in case I have any doubt. The Video Phone Inspector is an absolute improvement for my daily job.

Additional information


8x- 10x (depends on screen size of phone or tablet, average is 10x)


White direct light
White sidelight (2x)
IR light (850nm)
IR light (940nm)
IR sidelight (2x)
UV-A light (365nm)
Anti-Stokes (980nm)
Blue light (470nm)

Ultraviolet light

365nm and 470nm


LCD screen: external device such as phone or tablet
Mini USB 2.0: No
WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n
Photo function: Yes (via application)
Internal memory:No
ON/OFF switch: Yes


USB cable

Power supply

Rechargeable integrated battery(3,7 V)


8.6 x 6.7 x 5.1cm




Upon request