10x Magnifier Borderguard Advanced

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The magnifier Borderguard Advanced is a solid portable magnifier 10 x magnifier with Visual lights (5 LED) including oblique light, and UV light on different wavelengths. The magnifier Borderguard can be used to authenticate ID documents such as identity cards, passports or driving licenses, but also for currency.

The magnifier is equipped with 10 times magnification and built-in oblique, ultraviolet, Laser Antistokes and white lights, that can help you authenticate ultravoilette inks, microtext, offset printing, optaglio and many other security features. The 4 Visual white lamps automatically turn on and off from one to another, making optically variable inks (OVI) and optically variable images (OVD) easily visible and so can be authenticated. The 980nm laser Antistokes LED can help you to visualize special inks.

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Documentexpert National Police Netherlands:

I used the Portable Illuminated Magnifier, and started using the Magnifier Borderguard as well. The border guard is equipment with some additional light sources which can come in handy during my services. the magnification is in focus, and I’m very satisfied with the operational use of magnifier Borderguard.

Documentexpert National Police Cyprus:

We integrated the Magnifier Borderguard Advanced early 2016, and we are very happy with the performance. Besides the basic 365nm UV it offers 254nm UV. Also the 980nm Antistokes can be of benefit authentication some special ID documents. The magnifier makes our lives so much easier, and came for a reasonable price. Besides the service of Dexeq is outstanding.

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Visual-, Ultraviolet-, and oblique light, ultraviolet light: 365nm UV and 254nm

Ultraviolet light

365nm and 254nm


Protective bag (strap/torque around your belt or just to carry using the lanyard)
USB EU charger, but also available with UK or US USB charger

Power supply

Rechargeable integrated 400 mAh


9.5 × 6.5 × 5.2cm




Upon request