10x Portable illuminated Magnifier

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The 10x portable illuminated magnifier (PIM) can be used to secure the authenticity of documents such as currency, ID cards, passports or driving licenses to control.

The PIM is equipped with 10 times magnifier and built-in ultraviolet light, 3 different white visible lights including oblique (grazing) light, which can help to authenticate ultraviolet inks, offset printing, micro-printing, intaglio and many other security features to check.

The PIM is available in a variety of models.

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Employee documentexpert National Police Immigration Spain:

I used the Portable Illuminated Magnifier during my services and also used it during a documenttraining. I can only say I’m very satisfied with the operational use of the portable Illuminated magnifier. It’s a very robust piece of equipment which I will probable use for many, many years.

Passport Specialist Dutch Police Netherlands:

The Portable Illuminated Magnifier is a trustable examination equipment in day to day document examinations for years. The portable illuminated has a very good  magnification and gives a very bright view, has a very good UV LED and the battery capacity is just great.


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Visual-, Ultraviolet-, and oblique light

Ultraviolet light


Additional light sources

Also available with:
254nm UV light
Antistokes 980nm Laser light
3M coaxial light


Protective bag strap/torque around your belt
USB EU charger, but also available with UK or US USB charger

Power supply

Rechargeable integrated 3.7V battery
12V dry battery model only available upon request


7.5 x 5.0 x 4.0cm




Upon request