12W 365nm AceBeam X80 UV flashlight

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The 12W 365nm AceBeam X80 UV flashlight can be used for inspecting UV inks and UV Dull Paper in security documents, like passports, ID documents, breeder documents, banknotes and stamps. It is especially designed for large surfaces and can reach easily to distances of 10 meters.

The 12W 365nm AceBeam X80 UV flashlight can also be used for:

  • check leaks in the circulation systems in air conditioners and automobiles
  • mark and blood inspection, examination of crime scene
  • treasure and minerals searching, Antique appraisal
  • stolen boats ink curing and glue curing
  • counterfeit and banknotes distinguishing
  • special gas leaks inspection
  • fluorescent reflection of special materials
  • check reflection materials in textiles


Please have a look at these demo video’s:



National Police The Netherlands:

We used to use another Dexeq flashlight for forensic research which involved beaming an UV light source over 5-10 meters. Although we were pretty happy with the performance of our Dexeq flashlight, we love the experience we had so far with the new Dexeq flashlight 12W 365nm AceBeam X80 UV flashlight. The beam and strength of the beam is amazing over a distance of 10-15 meters ! The size of the 12W 365nm AceBeam X80 UV flashligh makes it easy tu use and carry. 

Additional information

Ultraviolet light





LED: 16 x Nichia 276A 365nm LEDs 4 x CREE XHP50.2 LEDs
Max 10000 lumens output by using 4 * 18650 Acebeam High Drain lithium rechargeable batteries;
Moon: 100lms, 47 hours;
Low: 400lms, 16.3 hours;
Mid: 1400lms, 4.9 hours;
High: 2200lms, 3 hours;
Turbo: 5500lms-2600lms, 7 minutes + 2 hours 30 minutes;
Turbo-max: 10000lms-2700lms, 2 minutes + 2 hours 30 minutes;
Strobe: 5000lms, 5 hours;
UV Low: 4W, 4.2 hours;
UV High: 12W, 1.5 hours;
Working voltage: 10V to 16.8V;
Max runtime: 47 hours;
Max beam distance: 224 meters;
Peak beam intensity: 12544CD;
Impact resistant: 1.2 meters;
Underwater 30 meters(The X80 is the most durable flashlight yet produced by Acebeam,
capable of surviving accidental immersion to extreme depths of up to 30 metres! However it is not a diving light,
and should not be turned on or off underwater.);
Size: 117.7mm(length)x 65mm(head diameter)x 49mm(tube diameter);
Weight: 330g without battery;
Aircraft grade aluminum body structure;
Premium type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish;
Ultra-clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating, which achieves a 98.3% light transmittance;
Strobe mode for tactical and emergency use;
Smooth reflector for max light output;
Highly focused beam for maximum distance;
Tactical knurling for firm grip;
Streamlined body design;
Intelligent highly efficient circuit board design for max performance and long run time;
Intelligent temperature controlled light output for user safety;
Specially designed for military, Law Enforcement, Self-defense, Hunting, Search & Rescue, Diving and Outdoor activities.


Dual charger EU plug, Lanyard, O-ring, silicone cap and protective pouch

Power supply

4 pieces of 18650 batteries (included)


Size: 117.7mm(length)x 65mm(head diameter)x 49mm(tube diameter);


339g without batteries


459,95 euro including VAT