Digital Microscope LCD Expert

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The Digital Microscope LCD expert will easily help you to authenticate second-and third-line security features on identity documents, source documents and securities. This Digital Microscope LCD expert integrating LCD/USB/TV/Android functions is highly useful for document examiners, document experts, but also students, teachers, collectors, hobbyists and testers etc. to inspect small objects like parts of ID documents, ID cards, drivers licenses, banknotes, coins, stamps, electronics, fabrics etc. The Digital Microscope LCD basic can magnifier the image digital up to 1000x. It can easily used to store images or videos of the questioned document.

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Additional information


Up to 1000x


8 LEDs with brightness adjustable


Display: 4.3-inch LCD
Photographic Resolution: 4032*3024
Video resolution: 1920*1080
Focus Range: manual focus from 5mm to 80mm
Inspection zone: 165x120mm
Storage Capacity: Micro-SD card up to 32GB
Measurement: yes, when working as a USB microscope
Software:PortableCapture Plus for Windows 7/8/10, Mac 10.12 and laterTinyScope for Android Smartphone/Tablet (download


USB cable, software, adapter, tripod, standard.

Power supply

Power sources: Li-ion 3.7V / 800mAh battery
Adaptor: Input:100-240V, 50/60Hz
Output: 5V, 1A


5.9 x 12.5 x 7.2cm




189,95 euro including VAT

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