12x Magnifier Immigration Expert

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The 12x Magnifier Immigration Expert is the most complete magnifier in the world. This magnifier has a magnification of 12x and an adjustable diopter. An enormous scale of different lighting makes it possible to check all security features in secure printed documents.

The 12x portable Magnifier Immigration Expert can be used excellently to check the authenticity of security features in identity documents, passports, banknotes, source documents or driver’s licenses.

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Dexeq Magnifier Immigration Expert-users manual

Beoordeling klanten

Researcher at Note Printing Company in Australia:

Wij gebruiken de Magnifier Immigration Expert omdat deze zo volledig is qua belichting en daarnaast een goede vergroting heeft. Een erg fijne loep om mee te werken. 

Extra informatie




Visual White-, Ultraviolet-, Oblique-, Coaxial-, and Laser Antistokes light

Ultraviolet light

365nm, 313nm and 254nm


Adjustable diopter
White direct light
White transmitted light
White sidelight
White light – Blink
UV-A light (365 nm)
UV-B light (313 nm)
UV-C light (254 nm)
Coaxial light 3M
Anti-Stokes (980 nm)


Protective leather bag strap/torque around your belt
USB EU charger, but also available with UK or US USB charger

Power supply

Rechargeable integrated 3.7V battery
12V dry battery model only available upon request


10.5 x 6.6 x 5.2cm




Upon request