Forensic Examinator

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The Forensic Examinator is a high-end professional Image Examinator. It can help you authenticate both ID documents or banknotes. The Forensic Examinator can be connected to a TV, projector or computer. The micro microscope (included) can be connected to the Forensic Examinator in order to magnify the inspected documents. The tester function offer you an automated storage of your inspected document in a vary of light sources.

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Forensic Examinator manual


Forensic consultant, Netherlands:

Forensic Examination equipment is normally prices in ranges of 10.000 – 50.000 euro. I am not saying the Forensic Examination equipment is to expensive, as it is very valuable to collect forensic evidence, but it is not used the often in practise. De Forensic Examinator is a good alternative for Forensic examination when low budget is key. 

Additional information


Top white light
Oblique light
Side white light
Transmitted light
UV light 365nm and 254nm
IR light 850nm and 940nm, cross, side and transmission
Laser 980nm antistokes light

Ultraviolet light

365nm and 254nm


Optical magnification: 3x and 5x manual visual
Digital magnification: whole screen 1:1, 8x-100x digital
Display: 7 inch
Image sensor: Full screen 5M image sensor, regional 520 linear HD image sensors, no distortion HD infrared lens and optical folter auto switching system
Detection range : full screen or partial screen


Micro microscope, USB cable, power adapter, power cable, HDMI cable, AV data cable

Power supply

Power: 220v/50Hz, 110v/60Hz
Power dissipation: 25 W max


28 x 16.5 x 26cm




639,95 euro including VAT