40x – 240x 2.0MP USB Microscope

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40x-240x 2.0MP USB Microscope can be used as a tool for document training and document expert examinations. With the 40x-240x 2.0MP USB Microscope you can easily make pictures or movies (AVI) that can be used for demonstration or training purposes. With the huge zoom range of up to 240x you are able to get several security features very detailed in view. Additionally, the camera can help in a remote control environment.


Employee and document expert Dutch municipality and ID document issuance authority;

I am using the 40x-240x 2.0MP USB Microscoop (previous model) to authenticate Identity- and breeder documents. As the 40x-240x 2.0MP USB Microscoop can magnify significantly it is easy to dectect reproductions/counterfeits and to authenticate Nano technology. The 40x-240x 2.0MP USB Microscoop is so easy to use.

Document expert working for the National Expertisecentre;

I used both the old and new version of the 40x-240x 2.0MP USB Microscoop, not only to authenticate ID documents and banknotes, but especially for training purposes. Connected to the computer and beamer it is so easy to demonstrate different printing techniques and nano technology live during the training. 

Additional information


1…40X; 240X (manual)


8 white LEDS adjustable


Capture Mode: Picture and Video
Sensor Parameter: 1/4” 2.0MP Color CMOS
Max. Resolution: 1920*1080
Pixel Size: 2.8µm*2.8µm
Sensitivity: 1.0V / lux-sec
Dynamic Range: 71.0 dB
S/N Ratio: 44.0 dB
Working Distance: 5.0MM
Division of calibration ruler: 0.1mm
Spectral Range: 400-650nm(with IR-filter)
Frame Rate: 16fps@1280*1024
Preview Model: 1280*1024; 640*480; 320*240
Exposure: ERS or Manual
White Balance: ERS or Manual
Out Interface: USB2.0
System Compatibility: 32bit and 64bit,XP, Vista, Win7,Win8,Mac
Language of software: English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian
System requirements: Intel Pentium Computer IV 1.8GB CPU 512MB RAM met USB2.0, 700M Hz of hoger, CD ROM Driver


USB cable (137.5cm)
Driver, software and manual CD 1x

Power supply

Power: DC 5V from USB port
Power Consumption: 170 mW


9.5cm Φ4.5cm




89.95 euro including VAT

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