50x – 1000x WiFi Mobile Microscope

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The 50x – 1000x WiFi Mobile Microscope can be connected with your phone or tablet (iOS or Android), and is able to magnify 50x and 1000x.

The WiFi Mobile Microscope features a focus wheel and the LEDs lights brightness is adjustable.
With a maximum resolution of 720x480pixels the photos (jpg) and video(AVI) are of high quality, and will be stored easily via the app on phone or tablet.

Review customers

Expert on Digital Printing Techniques, Netherlands;

The 50x – 1000x WiFi Mobile Microscope comes in so handy due to my trainings. It is so easy to show different printing technique among the trainees, or to have the trainees use the WiFi Mobile Microscope themselves. Just download the app, and off you go !

Additional information


50x – 1000x optical magnification


8 LEDs with brightness adjustable


Lens optical demension 1/4"
Lens angle 2G+IR
Display: phone or tablet
Resolution: 720×480
Video (AVI) and photo capture
Storage: supports Micro-SD cards up to 32GB SDHC
Power supply mode 8000m A Built-in lithium electricity
Interface & Signal Transmission Mode Micro and USB 2.0
USB working conditions; Windows xp,win7,win10(32x,64x) Mac OS x 10.5 or more advanced(Support USB protocol devices)
Operating system; support of Android Android: 6.0 ~10.0 version, IOS: >= 8.0 version


USB cable and tripod
Free software (app)

Power supply

Power: DC 5V from USB port
Power Consumption: 170 mW


13 x 10.3 x 2.9cm




79,95 euro including VAT

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