15x – 22X Doculus Lumus (+)– Mobile DocCheckDevice

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From June 2th 2024 Doculus Lumus does not allow us to sell their devices as we also sell 15x magnifiers from other companies. We prefer our customers to choose a product which fits their needs and budget in the best way, and so we offer a wide range of products, but unfortunately Doculus Lumus is not one of them anymore. As an alternative we can offer you the 15x Magnifier DXQ Basic or Pro. It comes with a 15x magnification of similar quality as Doculus Lumus. In addition, the magnification area is much bigger compared to Doculus Lumus and it also offers more light sources. The strong design of the Dexeq 15x Magnifier DXQ also comes with a much cheaper price !


Voorverkoop 15x Magnifier DXQ Basic en Pro

Extra informatie


15x or 22x, small inspection area compared to 15x magnifier DXQ


4 LEDS for extra strong Visual light
8 LEDs for automatic rotating oblique light
4 UV-LEDs for extra strong ultraviolet light 365 nm

Ultraviolet light

4 LEDS 365nm

RFID check

E-passport verification with RFID quick check for all passport transponders (Type A and Type B, both ID and ICAO)
Function to check if an e-passport contains an RFID chip (no actual AA,CA or PA checks)


Colours: blue, red, violet, grey, lime, orange and new military colours forest (olive) and desert (sand)

Additional features

Right-/left-handed mode for all left handers who want to activate incident light with the thumb
Steady light for documentation purposes: 1min active, available with all light features; documentation without any additional smartphone app, just taken with a smartphone or tablet camera
Automatic shutdown after 1min even on lasting keypress (if activated by accident during transportation)

Minimum 3-5 months battery lifetime with just 2 AAA standard batteries or rechargeables („eneloop“ recommended)

Large and sensible buttons for usage with gloves while having the device secured with the hand wrist band
Robust but small housing and design: Drop safe from up to 1,5 m, fits in any shirt pocket


Protective pouch which can be attached to a police- immigration belt

Power supply

2 pieces of AA batteries (included)


8.5 x 4.0 x 3.3cm




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