15x magnifier DXQ, most complete magnifier of the world

Dexeq is proud to announce the launch of a new magnifier, the 15x magnifier DXQ. The 15x magnifier DXQ was developed by Dexeq itself and is therefore exclusively available from Dexeq. It is possible to place a pre-order. Dexeq expects to be able to deliver the magnifier individually in Q4. Orders of 500 pieces can […]

Unfortunately we need to increase the price of our products.

Our suppliers and manufacturers increased their prices due to high electricity- and gas prices and the high inflation rate. In addition, the currency rate of the Euro decreased significantly against the US dollar. The price of some of ours products increased with a couple of percent. Other products hold the same MSRP, only our discount […]

Dexeq develops 15x magnifier with advanced light sources

Dexeq is happy to announce their first magnifier pre-production magnifier, designed and produced in the Netherlands. The 15x magnifier contains 2 UV sources, 365nm and 313nm, oblique light LED source, and 2 visual front lights LED and repeating light function for OVI and OVD authentication. We designed 5 pre-production models, which can be tested by […]

Dexeq developed the inspection Toolkit bag for ICMPD Azerbaijan

Dexeq added a new product to their product line, the Dexeq Inspection Toolkit bag. The bag has a customised foam inside to easily store and protect the products. It can contain up to 6 products; – Portable illuminated Magnifier – 1W 365nm Flashlight – 60x mini magnifier – 3M Retroviewer – 10x metal Folding Magnifier […]

Dexeq introduces 3 New products !!!

New, Dexeq Magnifier Borderguard, USB Magnifier Borderguard and 2.0MP USB Microscope. Please check our new products and don’t hesitate to contact us !

Dexeq offers the new and improved 5W 365nm flashlight

Dexeq changed the design and the current integrated Japanese LED for a better and stronger LED of another supplier. The power of the UV source has been increased with 30%. The price of the new and improved 5W 365nm Flashlight will be in the same price range as our previous offered model.

Dexeq Equipment and Grabba International on Spanish national Television

In june Dexeq and Grabba International were participating the Interdocpol Conference in Barcelona. During the Conference a reporter¬† and camera crew of Spanish National Television visited the Conference but also the exbition. They were very impressed by the equipment of Dexeq and Grabba International. This was broadcasted during prime time daily news show during the […]